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Biscuit tins & boxes

Whether as a gift or a treat to be enjoyed at home, La Trinitaine offers a wide range of biscuit tins and boxes. Choose from our wide range of options – there’s something for everyone, in a variety of decors, from traditional Breton to a more contemporary look, and many more besides. 
All our biscuit tins are filled with our Breton specialities, from pure butter galettes, palets and sablés to wafer-thin curls. They’re simply irresistible!
For more information about our various formats, consult our biscuit tin guide.
Biscuit tins & boxes

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  1. Coffret 1/4 fer "Vannes"
    Coffret 1/4 fer "Vannes"

    Les remparts de Vannes

    As low as €9.95
  2. Coffret "Carnac"
    Coffret "Carnac"

    Menhirs carnacois

    As low as €6.90
  3. Coffret "Nantes"
    Coffret "Nantes"

    Passage Pommeraye

    As low as €6.90
  4. Boîte à farine "Faïence fleurie"
    Boîte à farine "Faïence fleurie"

    Pour décorer votre cuisine

    As low as €9.50
  5. Coffret "Cordage"
    Coffret "Cordage"

    Nœuds marins

    As low as €6.90
  6. Mini-coffret "Fête des Pères"
    Mini-coffret "Fête des Pères"

    Juste pour les Papas

    As low as €4.60
  7. 2CV vintage bleue
    2CV vintage bleue

    Un cadeau style vintage à réutiliser en tirelire, boîte à souvenirs..

    As low as €6.50
  8. Coffret Retro kids
    Coffret Retro kids

    Retro tendance

    As low as €6.90
  9. Coffret "Celte noir"
    Coffret "Celte noir"

    Coffret celtique

    As low as €6.90

Items 73-108 of 114

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