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Crêpes & Galettes

The crêpe is a worldwide symbol of Breton culture. The queen of the region’s recipe books and of crêperies throughout the world, the crêpe is a delicious light snack that can be eaten hot or cold. Breton crêpes are delectable throughout the day. Just let your imagination run wild!
Crêpes & Galettes

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  1. Crêpes au Rhum
    Crêpes au Rhum

  2. Crêpes au blé noir
    Crêpes au blé noir

    Galettes bretonnes

  3. Farine de Froment
    Farine de Froment

    Une farine de tradition

  4. Farine de Blé Noir
    Farine de Blé Noir

    Pour des galettes authentiques

  5. Farine de froment
    Farine de froment

    Un classique


11 Items

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