La Trinitaine abroad

From the start, La Trinitaine has always exported its entire range of dry biscuits and cakes –

part of a strong presence in over 30 European and Asian countries dating back nearly 30 years

The ties we have forged with local distributors attest to the quality of our commercial relationships and the importance of our people-friendly approach. For example, La Trinitaine has been working for over 30 years with its distributor in Japan: a family story handed down from generation to generation, just like the Petit family itself.

The quality of our dry biscuits is renowned in Asia: the delicious taste of butter coupled with Breton expertise help our products stand out from the crowd.

The story – that of a maverick pastry-maker whose talent and boldness led to the creation of a brand and products recognised by the finest Parisian restaurants – is the tale of three generations, a region and a team eager to make only the finest biscuits.

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