Who are we

The little story of a big biscuit factory

In 1955, in a modest shop in LaTrinité-sur-Mer, Lucien Petit stumbled upon a new biscuit recipe: a thin rolled biscuit in the shape of a cigarette,made with pure butter.

The success of this product led the whole family into a challenging yet rewarding adventure: the creation of La Trinitaine biscuit factory.

The story of La Trinitaine, an iconic Breton heritage brand, revolves around a family, a location, and a specific area of expertise: that of biscuit-making. Passed down through the generations, this expertise draws on original recipes, accompanied by a daring, open-minded approach to ensure continued innovation and the development of new products.

Driven by its origins as a small store, La Trinitaine today not only produces over 11,500 tonnes of biscuits a year, but also runs a network of 46 shops in France.

La Trinitaine is one of the last French biscuit-makers of this size to have retained its independence.

    • 1953

      The story begins with Lucien Petit, a pastry-maker in Trinité-sur-Mer.
    • 1955

      His biscuits are an overnight success, and he creates the La Trinitaine brand.
    • 1965

      Established in the little village of La Trinité, our grandfather manufactured 600 kg of biscuits per day all by hand.
    • 1972

      Bernard Petit takes over the company and sets up the La Trinitaine factory in Saint Philibert.
    • 1986

      Our efforts have paid off. Our father was awarded the Laurier d’Or of quality and tradition.
    • 1991

      A new adventure begins as La Trinitaine commits to helping promote the image of Brittany and its many talents.
    • 2005

      Proud of its roots La Trinitaine sponsors Brittany’s famous Lorient Football Club as yet another challenge for the company.
    • 2010

      The third generation takes the reins. The founder’s grandchildren begin to expand the company’s range of products and geographical reach.
    • 2010

      Trophy of the regional development : « Les chênes du grand ouest ».
    • 2015

      La Trinitaine celebrates its 60th anniversary!

              Company values


               Respect for people (customers, employees, suppliers) is embedded in our business approach, which is underpinned by long-term partnerships. Customer satisfaction is the number one priority of all our staff members.


              We take particular care when selecting the ingredients we use to make our biscuits, and remain attentive to their origin, supporting local agriculture whenever we can (France, and Brittany wherever possible).

              By 2025 at the latest, 100% of the eggs and egg products we use will come from off-cage farms. This commitment concerns all our productions.


              We are careful to ensure that our products comply strictly with all regulations. Our high standards in terms of product quality are audited every year during the renewal process of our IFS (International Food Standard) certification, which was awarded to our single production site in Saint-Philibert.

              We have remained faithful to the recipes that are responsible for the success of our biscuit factory. Any changes have been made to adapt to customer demands (no preservatives or GMO ingredients).


              We are committed to promoting environmentally friendly practices in our use of natural resources, and in our flow management for raw materials and energy.

              As a major regional stakeholder, we favour local employment. We also work with disabled employee agencies and have developed dedicated, adapted workspaces in our buildings.

              La Trinitaine it is also

              • 46 shops
              •  1 single production site stretched over 37 000 M2 d'usine
              • 200 employees
              •  200 different products
              •  8 production lines
              •  80% of cakes 20% of biscuits

              Every year

              • 3 500 T of flour
              • 300 T of butter
              • 1 200 T of colza oil
              • 2 500 T of sugar
              • 2 000 T of eggs
              • 11 500 T of biscuits / 30 Millions products